What is included in mentorship?

  • Weekly, one hour one on one calls with me.

  • A personalized goal plan.

  • A copy of my book Rise My Love.

  • My personal phone number for unlimited texts throughout the week.

  •  Daily encouragement and activations sent to your phone.

  • Accountability 

Helping women find confidence in their God given identity, while empowering them to live on purpose, for a purpose. 

Several years ago I had a life changing moment that I will never forget that set me on a path to freedom and completely altered how I saw people. 

I had come to my breaking point. All of my pain, failures, and the tremendous losses that I had faced over many years had finally gotten the best of me. I was so tired of feeling like I had to perform constantly so people would like me. I was making myself sick trying to please people and in my attempts to do EVERYTHING perfectly, I did nothing well. I loved hard but my relationships weren't great because I was so emotionally damaged that I didn't know how to walk in healthy relationships. I struggled to hold jobs because nothing was satisfying. I was unable to effectively communicate hard things. I had hopes and dreams but no confidence to pursue them. I was literally, debilitated by my own fight or flight responses.

Until one night...


I found myself face down on my living room floor sucking up the dirt in the carpet as I laid there hyper ventilating. I was so hurt and angry that my body was actually in pain. Suddenly, it felt as though God himself walked in the room. For a moment, everything stopped. The physical pain I was having was gone and both my breathing and my heart rate slowed in an instant. In the depths of my heart I knew God was speaking, as the phrase " I never have a bad thing to say about you," came to mind. It was so clear. A few days later I fell upon a scripture that brought my experience full circle;


"You are altogether beautiful, my darling; 

there is no flaw in you."

Song of Songs 4:7

From that point forward I had a new found confidence. I had permission to be exactly who I was created to be. I realized that I needed to get free from my pain and my baggage. I needed to work through the things that held me captive and get rid of them once and for all. I wanted to be the most whole version of myself that I possibly could be. I learned invaluable lessons as I discovered who I was and what I was here to do. I became strong, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. And I knew that I was created to help other women along the same journey! 

Helping women discover their God given identity and empowering them to rid their lives of toxic mindsets and habits has become my greatest passion. I absolutely love walking along side women and celebrating their victories as they work hard to lay their past to rest and fully embrace their potential. That is exactly what my mentorship program is all about!

You my friend, are ALTOGETHER BEAUTIFUL. No matter what you may think about yourself. You have a destiny that is awaiting you, tremendous potential that needs to be tapped into, and a world desperate for what only you can offer.


Let's work on discovering what life looks like when you live on purpose, for a purpose!


Age, 27

My Time with Lydia is always a time of bringing it all back to Jesus.

She has taken the time to listen to my heart and speak into my life as a mentor.

Before meeting Lydia, I was in a place of not wanting to dream, believing that I didn't have the abilities to do what God has laid on my heart to do.

Since then, she has taken the time to show me it's possible, has walked with me through hard things, and has taught me practical life applications that I have been able to use daily.

She is one of the most compassionate, intentional, and realest people I have ever met.

I'm grateful to do life with her by my side.


Age, 25

Since meeting with Lydia on a regular basis I have taken away multiple spiritual and practical pieces of wisdom. However, the one that I come back to most often in my own time with God, is how important it is to have a friend.

In such a short amount of time I've been compelled to become more vulnerable and I've desired for deeper friendships with both people and God.

I've been inspired to recognize and reject the lie I've believed that tells me I'm not good enough. I've been charged to pray harder, read more, and trust and rest in the goodness of who God is.

The way Lydia lives is such a beautiful picture of the freedom Jesus offers us.

She listens so well, gives you truth, lets you cry and makes you laugh!

I am so grateful for her walk with Jesus and the gifts that He has given her, and how she chooses to be used by Him!

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