This Goes Out To The Dreamers

It's so hard to truly dream.

And when I say dream I don't mean the moment of fleeting passion that you have over a trendy social justice issue or the "when I grow up I want to be a..." kind of "dream". I mean, the dreams that keep you awake at night as you mull over all the ways that you could be effective on the frontier of that which you hope to endeavor in. I mean, the dreams that seem impossible yet, you can't stop thinking about. The dreams that somehow follow you around every corner, that make you wonder if there is a network forming around you that will help you pursue them. I mean, the dreams that are attached to a burden in your heart that makes you weep. I mean, the dreams that you give your life to.

Dreamers are passionate people who want to make a difference. Dreamers know that the odds may be stacked against them, but they search for solutions instead of excuses. Dreamers don't allow their background or their circumstances to effect their dreaming. Dreamers stay faithful when it gets hard. Dreamers are resilient and strong. They are wise and self controlled. They are warrior like in nature and run into battle and not from it. However, dreamers are not invincible.

Proverbs 13:12 says, "Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life." When we carry dreams for weeks, months, and often years we can get sick in the waiting. It is when we are "sick" or weak that we are the most susceptible to doubt. In these moments doubt creeps in through every crevice in our minds and tries to take up residency. We begin to think it is never going to happen and that it was just a long shot anyways. We lie to ourselves and say that we didn't really want to do it and we are happy where we are at. We begin to settle into mediocrity and get comfortable.

Eventually, those things that used to keep us awake begin to fade away. We stop talking about our dreams. We stop strategizing. Sometimes, we stop growing altogether.

You see, mediocrity has a way of silently stealing our joy and replacing it with a false sense of happiness that is actually ridden with insecurity. When people around us begin to excel or chase their dreams, our insecurity begins to show. We get jealous even if we don't call it that. We begin to gossip and critique everything they are doing, yet, we aren't doing anything. I believe what we call human tendencies are actually symptoms of our dreams fighting to live in a hostile environment because the condition of our hearts and the paths we have chosen are not conducive to the dreams we once had.

As our dreams fight to live we get uncomfortable. We begin to feel unsatisfied. We may love the lives we live, yet, something just doesn't feel right. We believe there has to be something more. At this point, one of two things happens. We either begin spewing excuses and convincing ourselves that now is not the time or, we begin to allow that dream to surface again. It begins to call to us, and slowly we begin to search for its source. When we find the source of the dream, we find strategy, the means, and the ability to do all that is required to see it come to fruition.

So dreamers, keep dreaming! Fight to keep your dreams alive. Don't stop thinking about them. Write them down. Make plans and do all the things that you can do right now believing that when the time is right the rest will fall into place. Celebrate the small victories, because celebrating wins keeps you craving the next win, which will, keep you motivated. But above all things, seek the source of your dream because the source, is divine.

Ex-dreamers... it is time to dream again! Don't silence the voice that says, "there is something more" any longer. It is time that you break out of the mediocre mold you have been living in. Don't settle for false security or a false sense of happiness. Don't settle for only doing what you can achieve on your own because I assure you, that you were created for more. You were created to live an abundant life, full of purpose.

You were created for adventure.

You were created for greatness.

Your life was created to be altogether beautiful!

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