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Rise My Love

was written for all the women who;


-  Feel like they are just "too much".

-  Feel like they don't fit in.

-  Long for healthy relationships.
-  Believe that they are just too far gone.

-  Know great loss.

-  Know that there is something great inside of them but have no idea how to draw it out.

-  Are haunted by failure.

-  Have been called drama queen.

-  Have daddy issues.

-  Have burned out trying to people please.

-  Have been taken advantage of.

-  Have at one time or another allowed themselves to settle into a victim mindset.

-  Have started things and have quit.

-  Have loved hard and have been hurt because of it.

- Have been abused physically, mentally, or emotionally.

- Despite the raging thoughts of suicide, have fought for another day.


We have these things in common.

I assure you, you are safe here.

What are people saying about

Rise My Love?


Age, 25

Struggling with life expectations and unhealthy habits is not an unfamiliar experience for me.

Rise My Love spoke to me on more levels than just one. Reading this book made me look at my past with a new perspective.

I had been broken.

Unhealthy family relationships, life expectations I struggled with, and abusive relationships that I endured caused me to bottle up pain and carry it around for too long.

I believed that I had recovered from these wounds, but in reading I realized the lasting sting was proof that I needed more healing. I found that in each chapter I was developing a new look into different parts of my life and I felt like I was learning new things about myself.

Lydia's words truly helped pull me into a new light and complete my healing process.

I am very thankful for how open, raw, and honest the words are throughout this book!


Age, 32

Lydia's book combines the power of life experience and scripture and communicates it in a direct and loving tone that makes it impossible to avoid introspection. Her vulnerability inspires the reader to be open as well.

I gained revelation on my value which inspired me to dream about my destiny in a new and hopeful way. This is a big deal. Aspirations that were dormant in my mind about my created purpose came to the forefront. I teared up in moments throughout the book under this new found confidence. Although it is truly beneficial to any woman in any walk of their life, for me as mother and a wife in this current season, it brought a holy understanding to healthy communication and boundaries that are rooted in self-value.

I want to thank Lydia for saying "yes" to God and writing this book.

You blessed me big time.


Age, 31

The journey of reading this book will help you look inward at some hurts, hardships, and inadequacies we all face in life and lead you to a place of encouragement, empowerment, and courage to rise up into who God created you to be!

The best thing you can do is be honest with yourself as you read this and allow Lydia's wisdom, life experience, and the biblical foundation in here to help you get to a place of breakthrough.

Overcoming these tough moments in life is imperative as women of God so we can walk in full freedom. This book will help guide you out of surviving and into a place of healthy emotional, mental, and spiritual living!

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